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CUBaC Take Emphatic Varsity Win

Results: Overall: 49 - 26 Teams: 4 -1 W1: 2 - 13 W2: 13 - 2 M1: 12 - 3 M2: 9 - 6 M3: 13 - 2 W1 & W2 At 8.30am on 3rd March, the hope and hunger for victory was clear in all the Light Blues’ eyes. Initial feelings of nervousness quickly disappeared as W2 stepped on court for their singles matches. The scoreboard climbed steadily with 5 out of 6 singles matches taken by Cambridge. The most comfortable wins were delivered by CUBaC veterans Helen Briggs and Kim Chan at 2nd and 3rd seed. A highlight was the nail-biting end to 6th seed Felicity Coan’s second set, where she successfully prevented what would’ve been an exhausting third set with a 22-20 win to take the match in straight ends. As W2 w
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