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In addition to the College League, CUBaC also organises an annual intercollegiate tournament, called Cuppers.


This is played as a knockout tournament with the semi-finals and finals stages being played on one day at the University Sports Centre. In 2023 this was played on 11th March.

Final results from 2023 can be found below.

Looking to get involved? Find contact lists for all college captains here.

Cuppers Champions 2023





St Catharine's 



St Catharine's


Cuppers history

2020: Open -- Women's - Mixed

2019: Open -- Women's - Mixed

2018: Open -- Women'sMixed - Tournament Report

Cuppers rules & eligibility


In the Open Cuppers, a team shall consist of six Eligible Persons, in the Women's Cuppers a team
shall consist of six Eligible Women, and in the Mixed Cuppers a team shall consist of three pairs of
one Eligible Male Player and one Eligible Female Player.

Eligibility for a certain College team is dependent on being a current member of that College, including Fellows.


No exclusions based on BUCS participation apply.


A full set of the League and Cuppers rules is available here

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