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'Old Boys' return for Alumni Match & Formal Dinner

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

On 7th March 2020, CUBaC welcomed 19 alumni for our annual alumni event. However, this year was the first in recent memory that involved a formal black-tie dinner, held at Fitzwilliam College.

The informal match was nevertheless hotly contested. The match was played in a casual clubnight format, but in any games involving 2 alumni vs. 2 current students the result was recorded. So, did experience trump youth? Not this time - current players won 19-15.

After a short break for recuperation, current players, alumni and plus ones donned their formal attire and gathered at Fitzwilliam College for dinner. This was the first year that the gathering has been held as a formal dinner - the organisational challenge being readily taken up by current president Ben Wharton. In total 58 players and their guests attended the 3-course dinner, which was also an opportunity for the committee and Coach Bates to give speeches and express their thanks for everyone's efforts this season.

Amongst the alumni was Terry Henrickson (Mathematics, Churchill, 2000), who earned his full blue in the late 90s as captain of the men's 1sts. He kindly gave a speech explaining how much harder it was to organise things without mobile phones!

We look forward to welcoming even more alumni back to Cambridge for next year's alumni event!

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