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  • Elizabeth Bratton

Alumni Match and Dinner Returns in 2022

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

On Saturday the 15th of May, current CUBaC members and alumni gathered for an (informal) series of matches, followed by a (formal) dinner at Selwyn College.

The alumni's matriculation dates ranged from 1969 to 2017, and they had (understandably) flocked from far and wide to make the event. Perhaps it was the threat of "FOMO" of which we were warned by Alumni Officer Ben that encouraged such a great turnout; we were in fact informed that the number of attendees would be "dangerously close to a critical mass where everyone you know and love will be going."

In all seriousness, everyone enjoyed eating some lovely food in a gorgeous building, while meeting some brilliant alumni (though the valid question was raised as to why the current students had decided to be out at dinner rather than revising). I refer you to the above comments for an answer to this! Equally enjoyable food and company certainly served as a much-needed break from the recent hours spent in labs and libraries.

There was a great team spirit as captains awarded prizes to players who have demonstrated significant improvement, and to others who have shown consistent commitment to CUBaC, including those who had stepped up to play in crucial matches at the last minute at various points in the season.

Though no official score was recorded, I have been reassured by 2021-2022 president George Moran that it was "a clear victory" for the current students. The alumni are yet to be informed of this.

We thoroughly enjoyed the alumni's company at this year's event, and hope to see both new and familiar faces again next year! See below for some photos from the event.

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