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CUBaC Launches YouTube Channel

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

The club has launched its own YouTube channel, to allow alumni, followers and friends to increase their engagement with the club. The channel can be found here.

The channel will feature footage of previous Varsity matches, starting with the highly anticipated 2019 Varsity M1 Singles 2 matchup between Ben Roberts and Adam Milner (watch here now), with more matches becoming available soon. It will also be used to stream major future events live, such as Varsity, Mixed Varsity and selected BUCS Individuals matches, broadcasting CUBaC globally for anyone able to be present on the day. We will endeavor to upload regular videos, including of our training and other matches, in addition to Q&A's and information about the club for incoming Freshers and those seeking to join us.

We are very much looking forward to bringing you footage of excellent badminton using this platform, and hope that you enjoy the content.

Please like and subscribe to the channel to make sure that you don't miss out on any of our new content!

What would you like to see uploaded? All constructive feedback and suggestions are welcomed - just comment below this post, on one of our videos, or contact us on one of our other social media channels.

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