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The annual Varsity Match against Oxford is the highlight of our calendar!

The modern format involves five teams, M1, M2, M3, W1 & W2 playing 6 singles and 9 doubles matches each, making the final score out of 75, with 38 required to win.

The first Varsity Match was held in 1928 in Cambridge, then involving only one (male) team of 6. A match has taken place every year since, barring a hiatus during the second world war and COVID-19. Between 1928 and 1993 Oxford won only 6 matches, however since then both universities have had winning streaks lasting several years.

In 2019 CUBaC ended an 8-year Oxford winning streak, taking a triumphant 49-26 overall victory, and winning 4 of the 5 teams.

Unfortunately Oxford stepped up their game, started training even earlier in the morning than us, and took a narrow 43-32 victory on 29th Feb 2020.

For the Varsity 2023 matches schedule, click here

Varsity Record

The most detailed Varsity record can be found on this spreadsheet, which is copied with photos below. If you know any missing or incorrect information on this page, please contact the alumni officer.

Players listed in order of singles seeding where known.

† = Doubles Only

* = Singles Substitute

(c) = Captain

(p) = President

(fb) / (hb) = Full Blue / Half Blue

Currently, all W1 and M1 players are awarded a Half Blue

Page:  1992-Present  1928-1991

Page:  1992-Present  1928-1991

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