The annual Varsity Match against Oxford is the highlight of our calendar!

The modern format involves five teams, M1, M2, M3, W1 & W2 playing 6 singles and 9 doubles matches each, making the final score out of 75, with 38 required to win.

The first Varsity Match was held in 1928 in Cambridge, then involving only one (male) team of 6. A match has taken place every year since, barring a hiatus during the second world war. Between 1928 and 1993 Oxford won only 6 matches, however since then both universities have had winning streaks lasting several years.

In 2019 CUBaC ended an 8-year Oxford winning streak, taking a triumphant 49-26 overall victory, and winning 4 of the 5 teams.

Unfortunately Oxford stepped up their game, started training even earlier in the morning than us, and took a narrow 43-32 victory on 29th Feb 2020.

The full Varsity record can be found here.

Varsity 2020

Team lists

Players listed in order of singles seeding

† = Doubles Only

* = Singles Substitute

(c) = Captain

(p) = President

Men's 1sts

Tom Wade
Stephen Smith
Neel Doshi (c)
James Xu
Ryan Ng
Yu Han

Women's 1sts

Helen Yan
Briony Whitfield
Cherlyn Tan
Sylvia Ma
Felicity Coan (c)
Wendi Fan

Men's 2nds

Richard Parsons
Rory Xiao (c)
Pranav Santhosh
Andrew Sheat
George Moran
Thomas Williams *
Athan Siah 


Women's 2nds

Becky Donaldson
Claire Zhang
Yuhua Lim
Ursula Shaw
Tessa Doubleday *
Amy Chen

Radhika Gupta †


Men's 3rds

Dhurai Balan
Michael Li
Jake Mann
Ben Wharton (p)
Saket Koti *
Aarjav Jain *
Jonny Itcovitz 

Stephen Mak 


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