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'Old Boys' Alumni Match & Formal Dinner 2024

It is with pleasure that I invite all alumni of Cambridge University Badminton Club to the 'Old Boys' Alumni Match & Formal Dinner, to be held on Saturday 11th May 2024. 

The ‘Old Boys’ match has been celebrated in one form or another since the early 2000s, however the 2020 event was the first occasion on which we included a formal dinner hosted at a Cambridge College: Fitzwilliam. After a skipped year due to the pandemic, the event returned in 2022 in the beautiful Selwyn College. Increased collaboration with the alumni office has enabled contact with more alumni than ever before - the 2022 event saw a reunion of alumni from the early 1970s!

Once again you are warmly invited to bring your partner, friend, or fellow badminton player to both the match and the dinner. The combination of badminton, excellent food and company, and sightseeing and reminiscing in Cambridge has the potential for a highly memorable and enjoyable weekend for both of you. 

‘Old Boys’ Match

The match will be held between 14:00-17:00 at the University Sports Centre on Saturday 11th May. The outcome of the match will determine whether the club is really on the up, as the current captains believe!

Taking on feedback from the 2022 event, the match will be run in a slightly more structured manner than last time, with a peg-board system in place to ensure that everyone gets equal court time and the result of each match is counted. Once again, we were able to secure 4-8 courts.


We ask for a contribution of £12 towards the cost of courts and shuttles, paid by card on the day.

Formal Dinner

We are delighted to offer a 3-course formal dinner for alumni and current members in a private room at the beautiful Jesus College. The dinner will be held on the same day, Saturday 11th May, with an 18:45 reception for a 19:30 start.

Despite my absolute best efforts to the contrary, the cost has risen significantly since 2022 and will be £70 for alumni and £60 for recent alumni (graduated 2021 or later), to be paid upon registration.


To register for the event, please fill out the Google form below before the 24th April, on which date registration will end.

If you would like to bring a partner, friend or badminton player as a +1, please fill out a separate form for them. There is a field to indicate who you are attending with.

You are welcome to attend either the match or the dinner, or both. Modifications, cancellations and refunds are possible up to the closing date. Modifications after the closing date may not be possible but feel free to enquire with the Alumni Officer. We are naturally more flexible regarding the match than the dinner.




This sheet lists those alumni who have already registered (and consented to sharing their name), to help you coordinate with alumni of your time!


Please direct any queries about the event to the Alumni Officer, Ben Wharton.

[This is where I would insert a beautiful photo of Jesus College.

However, our website provider has suddenly reduced our media storage capacity and now we can't add any photos without paying them $$$.

Please accept this link instead]

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